Educate Lawrence is dedicated to educating Lawrence citizens about legislation affecting public schools and advocating for full and fair funding to educate Lawrence children.

To achieve this goal Educate Lawrence is seeking concerned citizens to join our ‘communication network’ that will assist us in spreading the word when issues arise that will affect public schools. This can be especially important and effective during the legislative session.

It is easy to join our communication network:

  • Sign up by filling out the form on this web page
  • Friend us on Facebook

We encourage you to act upon the information you receive. Together, we can be a voice for the future of our children:

  • Pass the educational information to friends throughout the city and state that are not part of our network.
  • Write your local legislator
  • Write other legislators
  • Write a Letter to the Editor
  • Attend a candidate forum

Sign-up to be part of our Communication Network!

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