Sue Mollenkamp

A native-born Kansan, Sue graduated from Northern Valley High School at Almena and studied at Kansas State University. She and her husband Jack have lived in the Topeka area for 18 years.  They have seven children and ten grandchildren.

Sue became an educator in 1986 when she and Jack chose to educate their children in their home.   Beginning with one kindergarten student and one preschooler, Sue’s experience grew to encompass all subject and all grade levels and to include other students who were invited to join in their studies.

In 2006, Sue began working as a legislative assistant on a part-time basis in the office of the Senate Tax Committee Chairman.  In 2011, she began working as a full-time legislative assistant in the office of the House Appropriations Chairman and, in 2013, she accepted the position of committee assistant to the House Education Committee.  As committee assistant Sue listened to, sought to understand, and worked to summarize comments from all sides of the debate on education in Kansas.  She has interacted with legislators, Governor’s staff, State Board members, members of the Board of Regents, Department of Education personnel, association representatives, administrators, educators, parents and concerned citizens from across the state as well as guest speakers from across the country.

Sue’s experiences in the legislative arena of public education, combined with her experience as a home educator, have given her a unique perspective on the issues facing the educational community at this time.  Recognizing the many views which exist on these issues, she felt compelled to offer voters a choice when selecting their representative to the State Board of Education on Election Day.

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