Action Alert!

Educate Lawrence Action Alert

The Kansas legislature is entering the crunch time of passing legislation and addressing school funding. Educate Lawrence recommends the following key messages to share with your legislators.

  1. Please pass a clean school budget bill now with at least $130 million of new funding to address wealth disparities across districts. Public school funding must not be tied to other educational policy legislation. Following the Gannon decision, the Governor’s eight guiding principles on education funding should frame this new school finance bill.
  2. In addition, fully fund all-day kindergarten from new funding sources.
  3. Please don’t change school board elections. These elections must remain non-partisan and allow new board members to begin their responsibilities in alignment with the school year.
  4. Please do not expand charter schools or enact the corporate tuition tax credit. With the current meager funding of our schools, further resources must not be taken away from our public school districts.

If you need to identify your legislator, please enter your address in the following website.

Here is a listing of our community’s Kansas House representatives along with their contact information.

State Representative, 10th District John Wilson (D) Phone(s): (785) 296-7652 (Topeka) Website: Email:

State Representative, 42nd District Connie O’Brien (D) Phone(s): (785) 296-7683 (Topeka), (913) 706-2396 (Tonganoxie) Website: Email:

State Representative, 44th District Barbara Ballard (D) Phone(s): (785) 296-7697 (Topeka), (785) 841-0063 (Lawrence) Website: Email:

State Representative, 45th District Tom Sloan (R) Phone(s): (785) 296-7654 (Topeka), (785) 841-1526 (Lawrence) Website: Email:

State Representative, 46th District Paul Davis (D) Phone(s): (785) 296-7630 (Topeka), (785) 749-1942 (Lawrence) Website: Email:

State Representative, 54th District Ken Corbet (R) Term Expires: 2014 Address: Room 179-N, State Capitol, Topeka, KS 66612 Phone(s): (785) 296-7679 (Topeka) Website: Email:

State Senator, 2nd District Marci Francisco (D) Address: Room 134-E, State Capitol, Topeka, KS 66612 Phone: 785-296-7364 (Topeka) Website: Email:

State Senator, 3rd District Tom Holland (D) Address: Room 134-E, State Capitol, Topeka, KS 66612 Phone: 785-296-7372 (Topeka) Website: Email:

Thank you!