Bills being debated

Charter SchoolsThe Senate Education Committee is considering SB 196, a significant expansion of charter schools. According to the Kansas National Education Association (KNEA), this legislation would create a system for any private school to find an authorized to declare it as a public charter school making it eligible for state aid for every student currently enrolled. This could have significant fiscal implications for our state. According to KNEA, "Research shows that charter schools do not increase student achievement and, in most cases actually perform more poorly than traditional schools. A large expansion of charter schools also often results in the re-segregation of education."  Read the Bill


School Board Elections

The Kansas legislature is holding hearing on changing the dates of school board elections. HB 2227 would change school board and other local elections from April of odd-numbered years to November of odd-numbered years, but keep these elections non-partisan. SB 211 would move local elections to November of even-numbered years, and make them partisan. The Kansas Association of School Boards opposes both bills. Read the Bill