Call For Action -- School Board Elections

The Mainstream Coaltion calls for the below action alert on SB 211 that would move local school board elections to November.
The Kansas Association of School Boards opposes SB 211 and HB 2227 which would also change local elections.
ACTION ALERT: Stop the Attack on K12 Public Education #2Parties shouldn't elect leaders, people should. ______________________________________________________
Call or email: Tues & Wed (Feb 25-26) Call the assistant from the committee below. State your name and say “I oppose the local elections bills (SB211).” Ask that your opposition be shared with the Committee Chair & Members.Call 785-296-7667 to contact Diane Tork, Assistant to Sen Mitch Holmes, Chair, Senate Ethics and Elections Comm to:

Oppose Changes to Local Elections (SB211) – WEDNESDAY

This bill is unnecessary and problematic. SB211 would move local spring elections to coincide with November elections in the even numbered years. (Sadly, the similar HB 2227 was passed out of House Elections Committee today on a 6-6 vote, tie breaker went to Rep. Schwab.) Currently, municipal and school board elections are typically held in the Spring. This would complicate scheduling as new school board members would take office in January – middle of the school year. As amended, this bill would make the elections ‘semi’ non-partisan by allowing the parties to fill vacancies based on the party affiliation of the vacancy. Parties shouldn't elect leaders, people should. Let's keep partisan politics out of local elections and out of our schools.

If you email the Senate Ethics and Elections Committee and leadership leadership: Use this subject: OPPOSE Changes to Local Elections (SB211) Paste these emails into your email:,,,,,,,,,,