Current Bills related to Education

House Bill 2227 would move local primary and general elections to August and November. Legitimate concerns are that this is the first step in making school board elections more partisan.Read the Article

SB 305 would end state capital improvement aid for districts’ bond and interest payments for bonds approved by voters after June 30, 2014. Funds that have been used for capital improvement aid for bonds approved after that date would be used in certain circumstances to fund the state aid program for local option budgets. Read the Bill

HB 2521 requires local school boards to request proof of lawful residence whenever a child enrolls or is enrolled in a public school for the first time. The number of students who fail to provide such proof would be reported to the state. Failure to provide documentation would not be grounds for refusing to enroll the students. Read the Bill

SB275 is a bill introduced in the Kansas legislature. It would prohibit the use of public funds or resources “to expressly advocate for the passage or defeat of any proposition to be submitted at a question submitted election.” This bill would relate to bond elections or elections for constitutional amendments. This bill could limit the ability of schools to provide mock student elections and public forums. Read the Bill